About Us

Florida Marking Products, LLC, continually strives to build lasting relationships with our customers by understanding their needs and delivering the products and services to meet those needs. To that end, we recently became part of The Kennedy Group, a venture that expands our ability to bring knowledge, quality, and a full offering of solutions to the marketplace.

“By putting together the best of both companies, we gain expanded capacity and capabilities, enhancing innovation and customer service.”

Michael Kennedy, President, The Kennedy Group

“Our teams are energized by the growth initiatives underway. We’ve gained added strengths and production capabilities to introduce unique offerings valued by our customers.”

Kevin Bennett, General Manager, Florida Marking Products, LLC

Florida Marking Products, LLC, was founded in 1984 as a manufacturer and marketer of specialty and custom labels, commercial marking, and promotional items, as well as signs to industrial and commercial customers.

Our Team

The FMP team has some of the most experienced and professional people in the industry. Our sales, customer service, art, and production personnel ensure quality control, from ordering to product delivery, and after sales support. We take pride in partnering with our customers to deliver ongoing satisfaction and peace of mind.

Customer questions are answered immediately by contacting our team at 407-834-3000 or at sales@floridamarking.com.