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Florida Marking Products, a Kennedy Group company, provides advertisers like you with the ability to advertise on the front pages of over 450 newspapers across the country, reaching millions of consumers.

Our TKG Media Network helps you place vibrant, removable front-page advertisements, delivering maximum exposure for your products and services with page one access. Retailers, restaurants, real estate agents, politicians, home improvement contractors, and financial services providers, to name a few, are all realizing the benefits of front-page advertising.

FMP simplifies the process of front-page advertising by:

  • Coordinating the entire process – ad design, printing and placement, as well as invoicing – with you, corresponding ad agencies, and targeted newspapers across the country
  • Providing a consistent look from market-to-market

For more information about a Front Page Advertising Program with proven results that increase response rate and ROI, contact us today at (407) 834-3000.