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Aqua Clear Labels

Cleveland, Ohio (January 2, 2013) – Aqua Clear™ labels provide a clear, cost-effective solution for a “no label” look on packaging. Attention grabbing Aqua Clear labels, from FMP and The Kennedy Group, a leading provider of labeling and packaging solutions, enhance clarity on the package, allowing consumers to see more of the product and less of the label.

With a significant cost advantage over other clear methods, Aqua Clear labels use graphics that have a mirror-image effect to deliver a premium, upscale packaging image. While suitable for use in many markets, Aqua Clear labels are ideal for food and produce applications.

 Aqua Clear labels:

  • Provide excellent adhesion to most plastic and glass surfaces;
  • Attract attention with colorful, raised graphics that are seen and felt;
  • Reduce inventory costs associated with preprinted containers;
  • Provide flexibility for regional items and test marketing;
  • Are compatible for use with high-speed automatic dispensing systems.

 A combination of increased consumer nutritional awareness and retailers’ preference for display-ready packaging in plastic containers has produced a need for growers and suppliers to differentiate their products for display.

FMP and The Kennedy Group has the technology and capacity to handle large-volume on-pack label orders. Multiple locations and the company’s Vendor Management Inventory program ensure quick lead times and competitive shipping costs. The

FMP and Kennedy Group’s dedicated service team is available to provide a timely response to any labeling need, including turnkey solutions for in-store promotions. 

For more information about Aqua Clear labels and other pressure sensitive labels available from FMP and The Kennedy Group, call 407.834.3000