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Artwork Info

If you do not have your own artwork, our experienced art department will work with you to design a label using your design elements. When complete, your new, high-quality label will give your product and packages a new eye-catching "pizzazz" to capture the consumer's attention. We also archive all of our jobs, so re-ordering is a snap!

Artwork Specifications:
If you have your own artwork, we would like to offer a few tips to help you set it up for production.

  1. A 1/8" margin is required around borders to bleed off. Please make sure colors are set correctly for 4-color process or PMS colors.
  2. Name spot colors with a PMS #.
  3. Vector files allow manipulation of the artwork for trapping, color separation, and step & repeat.
  4. P.O. #s and/or your company name must appear on the e-mail subject line to ensure art gets matched up with order correctly.
  5. When e-mailing revised artwork, please add "Revised Artwork" in subject line and within the body of the e-mail.

Camera Ready Artwork:
We can accept camera-ready artwork as well as artwork on a disk. Camera-ready artwork is a black and white reproduction grade copy of type, logo, and/or imprint, ready for reproduction without additional touch-up. Art should be provided at actual size. Most PC-based EPS files or JPEG's can be accepted. Artwork can be submitted in different programs such as:

  • Adobe Illustrator: Up to version CS3; EPS & AI (Vector artwork, text converted to outlines/paths/curves, or submit fonts.)
  • Quark Express: Up to version 5
  • Photoshop: Up to version CS2; JPG, TIFF, or EPS
  • Acrobat: PDF

If you choose to submit artwork by disk, please include a printout hardcopy of your artwork. (Files can be compressed using Stuffit to protect files from corruption.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We prefer artwork that has been created in Adobe Illustrator, and, although we can accept artwork in other formats, it may become necessary to work with the supplier of the artwork in order to obtain artwork that will ensure a label that meets quality standards.

Submit your artwork files to us via: