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Household Labels

Florida Marking Products has an array of labeling solutions for household products from cleaners to aerosol sprays, paints and coatings, whether the containers are metal or plastic.

Our pressure sensitive products are the popular choice for pump sprays, wipes, and other clear plastic cleanser containers. Roll fed and roll on/shrink-on film labels are suited for aerosol sprays, replacing pre-printed litho cans. Extended text and multi-fold booklets provide space to comply with warning, regulation, disclosure and product ingredient information for consumers.

Different types of metal or plastic containers pose no challenge to FMP labeling solutions. We’ve got the right label to provide moisture and chemical resistance, while prohibiting product migrations – common requirements for household labeling.

  • Specialty Labels: Materials resistant to heat, humidity, cold temperatures and solvent exposure.
  • Durable Labels: Materials that hold up in harsher conditions.
  • Increased Real Estate: With chemical products, extended text and multi-fold booklets are often used to comply with warnings and regulations associated with providing consumers more information about the products ingredients and composition.

Let FMP give you the label with the right look, performance, and space requirements for your brand.