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Newspaper Advertising

Newspapers across the country are boosting their advertising revenue with the National Front Page Advertising Program from Florida Marking Products, a Kennedy Group company.

FMP provides more than 450 newspapers throughout the country with a new source of potential advertising clients. Our program offers newspapers the exclusive opportunity to reach audiences in over 100 consumer categories, representing 200 national brands associated with FMP and The Kennedy Group.

We manage front-page removable advertising programs for newspapers by working directly with advertisers and agencies, controlling costs and ensuring quality. Our expert graphic and design capabilities deliver an array of exclusive front-page products.

The FMP Front Page Advertising Program benefits both newspapers and advertisers:

  • Newspapers gain access to new advertisers, increased revenues, and quality front-page ad products.
  • Advertisers reach millions of consumers, increase response rates and sales.

Call FMP today, (407) 834-3000, to increase your newspaper’s revenue with our Front Page Advertising program.

Why FMP, a Kennedy Group Company?