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Revolutionary Prime Away UR On-Pack Labeling

Cleveland, Ohio (January 2, 2013) – FMP and The Kennedy Group, a leading provider of labeling and packaging solutions, introduces Prime Away UR® (Ultra Removable) on-pack labels. Perfect for increasing sales, cross marketing, or offering loyalty programs, Prime Away UR labels provide three times the space of standard on-pack labeling products while keeping the brand and image integrity of the original label.

The exclusive, high-impact Prime Away UR product is cost-effective and ideal for specialty coupons, extended ingredient lists, on-pack promotions, recipe ideas, rebates, mail-in offers and instant, redeemable coupons. All of these options can be consecutively numbered or bar coded for redemption and tracking purposes.

 Prime Away UR labels feature:

  • A vibrant, four-color cover;
  • Up to 27 square inches of creative space, 300% more than a single panel label;
  • Three-layer construction that allows for a peel away coupon for point-of-purchase redemption;
  • Easily removable adhesive without damaging the label’s base layer;
  • A base layer for branding and messaging that remains on the package.

FMP and The Kennedy Group has the technology and capacity to handle large-volume on-pack label orders. Multiple locations and the company’s Vendor Management Inventory program ensure quick lead times and competitive shipping costs. FMP and The Kennedy Group’s dedicated service team is available to provide a timely response to any labeling need, including turnkey solutions for in-store promotions.  

For more information about Prime Away UR and other consumer promotional labeling products available from FMP and The Kennedy Group, call 407.834.3000