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Roll Fed Films


Roll fed/ROSO films provide packagers with “First to Market Advantage.”  They also gain expanded area for more graphics with a 360° display area on the package. Packagers can reduce costs and maintain a high quality appearance.  Using roll fed film labels brings many key advantages:

  • Eliminate costs with carrying inventory of litho pre-printed cans
  • Design freedom and flexibility - ease in modifying copy and graphics 
  • Operational efficiencies/reduced downtime vs. cut and stack labels
  • More cost effective vs. preprinted cans/sleeves
  • 360° graphics coverage for brand recognition
  • Quicker lead times and lower minimums

              Food & Beverage          

     Automotive Aftermarket     



Engine Additives

Aerosol Sprays


Car Polish

Paints and Coatings


Wheel Cleaners